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Blast from the (distant) Past

Stage Right                                 Stage Center                             Stage Left

Blast from the (distant) Past

by Rex Hughes, II


Core Value #3 : Follow the Directions

Teaching God’s Word for its Heart, not its Language

I Corinthians 2:4



Ÿ         Luke

Ÿ         Kevin                                                                             

Ÿ         Tim                                

Ÿ         Burt                                              

Ÿ         Mr. Deepfry

Ÿ         Chris P. Bacon



Ÿ         2      Connecting Chairs Three

Ÿ         3      Folding chairs

Ÿ                 Star Trek Magazine and Insignia Pin

Ÿ                 Dark Rimmed and Sun Glasses

Ÿ         2      Bibles, Notes, and Pen




Lights on


Kevin enters stage left and sits on the bench. He opens his Bible and begins reading it.


Enter Luke from stage right when the time travel sound effect plays. He is in typical Middle Eastern garb, and backs onto the stage, looking around himself in wonder and confusion. He backs up to Kevin and turns.


Luke: Oh.. I beg your pardon.


Kevin: Don’t worry about it.


Luke: (curious of his answer) I’ll keep that in mind…


Luke looks around himself.


Luke: I’m sorry, but I seem to have lost my way. You wouldn’t happen to know where  Corinth is, would you?


Kevin: Um… Just head due East… (Luke nods) board a plane, cross the Atlantic, and you should find your way.


Luke: (confused) What are you talking about?


Kevin: You know you’re in America right?


Luke: And just what is this “America”?


Kevin: This is a joke, right?


Luke: Well you see, one of my companions, Paul, he’s a missionary. I’ve been accompanying him on his journeys, writing down his exploits. I’ve been thinking about calling it Deeds… Oh well. Anyway, he’s just been put under arrest, and wants me to bring an epistle to Corinth, so…


Kevin: (interrupting) Wait a minute, wait a minute. What you’re trying to say is… that you are Luke?


Luke: (surprised) That is my name. How did you know?


Kevin: Lucky guess.


Enter Tim from stage left. He carries a copy of the new Star Trek newsletter and wears an insignia pin, dark rimmed glasses, and overalls with his pants pulled up too far.


Tim: Hey Kevin! ( trips over stage and falls before Kevin’s feet; Glasses fall off) Oops! Did I do that? Hehehe… (looks for glasses)


Kevin: Oh no…


Tim: It’s a fantastic day for Trekkies everywhere! I just got the new issue of Star Trek magazine! They have this psychedelic section on the Klingon warship…


Kevin: Tim…


Tim: …The new season of Enterprise, and this brilliant article on wormholes! Wanna see?


Kevin: ( on edge in seat; Tim is in his face) Maybe another time, Tim. Thanks though.


Tim: Ah. Alright.


Tim begins to exit, walking past Luke. Luke stops him.


Luke: Just a moment, son. What was this about… worm…?


Tim: Wormholes? You mean the space time continuum? Well, this here explains it. Page 34, section 4b…


Helps Luke turn to it. Luke is astounded by what he sees.


Tim: Basically like time travel. You can keep it if you want. I have ten copies… (pulls two copies out of overalls)


Luke: (cutting off) Time travel… yes! This is it! I must have walked into a wormhole!


Tim: Ha! Very funny mister!


Luke: No really! It must be! (shakes Tim’s hand) My name is Luke, and I am most grateful for your help, Timothy.


Tim: Luke Skywalker. I get it.


Luke continues to read the article, not looking away from it.


Luke: (reading) No, I’ve tread upon the earth all my life.


Tim gives him a “whatever” look. He forms his fingers into the Vulcan sign as he makes a fake smile. Luke sees this


Tim: Live long and prosper. (rolls eyes)


Tim exits stage right, shaking his head.


Luke: (to Tim, trying to do sign) You too! (looks to Kevin) Of all the rarities! I stepped through one of these, and ended up in your time, which is…?


Kevin: (rolls his eyes) 2004.


Luke: 2004!? Bless me! So much must have changed! (looks at his book) What is that you’re reading?


Kevin: God’s Word, including “your” accounts.


Luke: Really!? The Lord works wonders! He has let it exist to this day! I am sure His Word is valued by all who hear it.


Kevin: At least, those who understand it.


Luke: What do you mean?


Burt enters stage left. He wears a leather jacket and sunglasses.


Burt: Hey Kev, what’s shakin’ man? (high five) Up high.. Down low… in the middle, ooh! Too slow!


Kevin: Ah you got me again, Burt! (sitting down) Just preparing for the group time.


Burt: Groovy! I saw that guy you work with and your boss pull up. Bet you can’t wait to introduce them to the Word!


Kevin: Word.


Burt turns to Luke


Burt: Wassup, man? Call me Bert. (does the secret hand shake, which Luke does not get)


Luke: (Vulcan sign) My name is Luke. Live long and prosper.


Burt: Dude… Love the outfit. Totally togatastic.


Luke: I was about to say the same thing…


Burt: (hits chest and gives a peace sign) Peace out.


Enter Mr. Deepfry and Chris from stage left.


Mr. Deepfry: Ah, Kevin! Kevin, my boy! How are you?


Kevin: I’m doing well, Mr. Deepfry, how are you? Hey Chris!


Chris: (deep voiced, unenthused) Hey.


They pull up chairs. Kevin introduces Burt to the guests.


Kevin: Burt, this is my employer at Denny’s, Mr. Deepfry. And this is my coworker, Chris P. Bacon.


Shakes hands.


Kevin: Alright! Now to get started, we’ll be visiting the book of Luke today…


Luke: Wonderful!


Luke pulls up a chair. Kevin stops and is slightly annoyed by his presence.


Kevin: …yeah. Anyway, in Luke 19:23-24, we find Jesus’ parable saying, “The noblemen said unto him, ‘Why did you not put the money in the bank, that at my coming it would have collected interest?’ And he said unto those who stood by, ‘Take the minas from him, and give it to him who has ten minas.’” (Opens notes. Two guests have blank stares.) So… what do you suppose this means?


Cricket sound effect. Deep silence.


Mr. Deepfry: Um… I once hired a lady named Mina…


Chris: I remember her. We called her Mean Mina…


Kevin: No, don’t you see what Jesus is trying to say here? That we should use what is given to us…


Luke: (trying to interject) Um, Kevin…


Kevin: Not now, Luke! We are to use His gifts to us…


Chris: What gifts? Are they wrapped?


Kevin: No… The minas, what He is lending to us on Earth…


Dead silence again. Kevin waits for a reply, but sighs in frustration. He stands up.


Kevin: I have to go get a drink. I’ll be right back.


Mr. Deepfry: Well, make it quick my boy! I have to be at a meeting soon!


Kevin walks stage right. He holds his head. Luke gets up from his seat as the cell group sits in absolute silence.


Kevin: Oh man… Oh man…


Luke: Kevin, what seems to be the problem?


Kevin: What seems to be the problem!? I’m done for, that’s what! They won’t understand any of my notes, and I can’t go beyond what the verse says.


Luke: But you could have gone farther than that.


Kevin: Huh?


Luke: Kevin, the problem is is that they don’t understand the language I wrote the passage in. I understand that, because I found myself having trouble understanding what people in 2004 are saying. (tries to form Vulcan sign; fingers don‘t part the right way)


Kevin: Why didn’t you make it understandable, then? Are you saying the Bible is flawed?


Luke: No, not at all. God’s Word is not flawed, but the language of the day never stays the same. I’m sure you have different translations, don’t you?


Kevin: Well, there’s these things called the Message and NIV, but I don’t like to use ’em. It really lessens the impact of God’s Word.


Luke: But does it say the same thing?


Kevin: Pretty much…


Luke: And everybody today can understand it?


Kevin: Yeah, I guess. But I’m a King James man! I’ve always been!


Luke: Kevin, what’s important is not the language of God’s Word, but the message. As long as it means what it was meant to, you don’t have to worry about it being less valuable. The heart of the words is what matters. The important thing is is that they understand it, so that they can come to God’s truth.


Kevin: You know, for someone so unbelievable, I’m finding myself believing you.


Luke: Good. Now get back in there and guide them to God’s truth.


Kevin begins to walk stage left, but stops and looks back to Luke who walks the other way.


Kevin: Wait… Aren’t you coming?


Luke: Oh, I think I had better head back to my own time. I’m just glad to know there are people like you willing to keep spreading God’s message.


Kevin: But how will you get back?


Luke: I’m sure to find that wormgap again. I haven’t even finished Deeds, yet! Or maybe I should call it Acts… what do you think?


Kevin: (laughs) Acts is definitely a good name.


Luke exits and Kevin sits down with the group. He opens his notes, but as he looks at them, he folds them up and puts them off to the side.


Kevin: Now… Let’s go over what this means.  


Lights out