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The Greatest of All

Stage Right                                 Stage Center                             Stage Left

“The Greatest of All ”

Performed by Onetimeblind

Revised by Rex Hughes, II

Matthew 20:26-28

Becoming a Humble Servant


Actors:                *All wear sandals

Ÿ         Jesus

Ÿ         Kirsten

Ÿ         Luke

Ÿ         Julie



Ÿ         Bowl w/ water

Ÿ         Washing Rag

Ÿ         Lipstick

Ÿ         Game Controllers

Ÿ         Three Stools




Lights on


Enter Kirsten from stage left; Jesus also enters stage right; Kirsten runs up to Him


Kirsten: Jesus! Hey, wait up!


Jesus turns to face her


Jesus: Hey Kirsten!


Kirsten: I’ve been meaning to tell you! I just had this fantastic plan! I mean, you probably already knew about it, since you’re God and all, but I have to say it or I’ll burst!


Jesus: Alright, go ahead.


Kirsten: (steadies composure) Alright….ready?


Jesus: Most definitely.


Kirsten: Is that your final answer? No, OK, here it is… I want to be the greatest! The greatest servant that you’ve ever had! And I know exactly how to do it, too. You work nonstop, day after day…


Jesus: Um… Kirsten.


Kirsten: …and you give your 100%, no less, which involves homeless shelters, mission trips, the whole deal! If I know my mission, then why not do it all the time? I know I can do it! I mean, how hard could it be to be the greatest?


Jesus: Kirsten… These things are great. And giving your all is always expected. But first of all, you need your rest, I understand that. Don’t worry so much about tomorrow. You also don’t have to worry about being the greatest. I have great plans for you and everyone around you, and that’s great in itself!


Kirsten: But… You said it’s like a race right? I know in any race I’m in, I’m not going to be content with third or fourth place. I need to hustle to first!


Jesus: Yes, but this is a different race that you run. Everyone who follows me finishes first. And you do this by helping those around…


Kirsten: (cutting off) What…? Hold on a sec Jesus. Everyone finishes first? That sounds like a cheap ad campaign. Wait… What if we did that? I could become the greatest by encouraging others! Then they’ll all see what a wonderful person I am!


Jesus: Kirsten…


Kirsten: Wait Jesus! I can see it now! “Thank you Kirsten! You’re the best servant of them all! Now I can go on!”


Jesus exits stage right slowly, for Kirsten will not listen; Kirsten keeps babbling on


Kirsten: It’d be great! I could have a talk show if it got big enough! It’d be the greatest service to Christ yet!                  (Enter Luke form stage right; He stands directly in front of Kirsten and looks out to the audience)                       I could spread His Word to everyone, and they’ll listen, because I’m the greatest…!

Kirsten is still working on her line when she becomes irritated by his blocking her; She attempts to push him out of the way, but he won’t budge


Kirsten: Uh… Excuse me, Sir!


Luke:     (becoming very ‘powerful’ in speech)           I am the greatest! No servant of Jesus who has come before me has proved worthier to carry His cross! Hear ye all who would do well to follow my humble and righteous example!


Enter Julie from Stage left in the middle of his line; She becomes as agitated as Kirsten


Julie: What in the world are you talking about!   (self-righteous)            Everyone knows that I am the greatest.                         (humble act)                I am the most humble of servants that Christ has, faithfully putting others before myself..


Kirsten, Julie, and Luke all go off on a tangent here; They begin making up their own ideas and praising their efforts that soon we cannot distinguish what they are saying


Kirsten:            (in the middle of this; Off to the side)             …yet if people would listen, do you realize how far this would go? We could revolutionize television, have self-help books, instead they would be called ‘Christ-help’ books!


Luke:    …and you would all do well to come to our evening service, where you may hear my wonderful words that will bring you ever so close to His holy presence…!


Julie: …I don’t know of a single soul who would put off their selfish side as much as I have. I want to help the whole world! I’ll help old ladies, the Red Cross foundation, the Christmas Wish stands with the little bells, feeding the poor, playing Wheel of Fortune for charity…


At this point, they become irritated at each other’s presence, yet they continue their praises as they may be off to the side of a small argument


Kirsten:            (to Julie)          What do you mean you’re the most humble? I am the most courageous and bold, and I actually make a difference..!


Julie:                 (to Kirsten)      I make a difference! Letting others have comforts is a difference..!


Luke:                (on his own; singing out)                    AMAZING GRACE!! How SWEET is the SOUND!!


Julie:     (turns to Luke)                        Will you be quiet, already! Let me say what I want to!


Kirsten:            (on her own)                …yet the difference I make can go out to the whole world. We could have seminars, tapes, classes… “World Service United”! Headed by president, Kirsten Smith, the greatest of all!


Luke:    (to Julie)          Back off, Ms. Humble! You remember what Jesus said about the meek!?


Julie: Yeah, that they’ll inherit the Earth..


Luke:    (angrily)          Which means it’s not yours yet!!


Jesus enters from stage right about this time; He first comes to Luke and silently tries to calm him; Luke sees him and in anger, tries to pass the blame on Julie; Julie and Kirsten do their own thing and keep jabbering; Jesus sits Luke down on a stool, which Luke looks more than “happy” to do for his Savior; Jesus then goes to Julie and does the same, then to Kirsten; They begin to quiet down as Jesus produces a bowl of water and a wet rag; He wrings out the rag and begins to wash Kirsten’s feet, which she has out; They are all silent as this happens; Kirsten seems guilty that she hasn’t done enough to deserve this; Jesus stands and hands the rag to Kirsten; Kirsten takes it delicately and also takes the bowl; She looks up at Jesus, who signals with His eyes to move on


Kirsten takes the bowl and gets down to Julie’s feet; Julie smirks a tad, but then goes back to a serious look as Kirsten washes her feet; She gets back onto the stool and hands her the rag; Julie takes it hesitantly and looks at Jesus, who signals for her to go on


Julie looks at Luke, who shrugs; She slowly kneels to her knees and begins to wash Luke’s feet; Luke is uncomfortable with this


Luke:    (softly)             No.. you don’t have to do that…


Julie finishes washing Luke’s feet; She sits back onto the stool and hands him the rag; She becomes silent as Kirsten is and remains deep in thought as Luke looks at the rag


Jesus: Whoever wants to become great among you must become a servant, for the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.


The three on the stools think about what he has said; Kirsten gets up and walks stage right past Jesus with her head in her hands; Julie gets up in a rage next and follows her, storming past Jesus; Luke looks at the rag and puts it in the bowl; He takes the bowl and walks past Jesus; When he does, he looks back and places the bowl on the stage right side on the ground; He exits


*All action from here until noted is silent


Jesus stands in front of the stools, center stage; He stretches his arms out and looks ahead into the audience without budging a muscle; He stands for a moment very still


Enter Julie from stage right; She comes in putting on lipstick and trying to beautify herself; She stands next to the unmoving Jesus with her hand on her hip as she brushes her hair; She smiles and looks at Jesus; She seems confused that he is still unmoving, so she brushes her hair again as she looks out to the audience; She then moves to Jesus’ side and places his right arm on his hip; His other arm remains sticking out; She goes to his other arm and places it behind his head, so that He is somewhat in the position she was; She puts a little lipstick on his lips as she smiles and bats her hair again; She looks at the emotionless Jesus and becomes angry; She pushes Him down to the floor and storms off stage left


Jesus catches Himself as He hits the floor; He is not surprised, as He expected such a reaction; He looks up sadly and to stage left as Julie leaves; He stands up and once again gets into the same Cross position; He is once again still as He stares out at the audience


Enter Luke stage right with two game controllers that he holds by the cords; He walks up to Jesus jittery with excitement; He waves the controllers in front of Jesus’ face; Jesus is still; Luke points at the imaginary TV in front of them with expectation; He simulates plugging the controllers in and motions that he wants to play; Luke sets up the two stool behind them and sits down on the stage right one; He looks up at Jesus and waves for Him to sit down; He gets up and pulls Jesus back to the stool so that he sits on its edge; His arms are still outward as Luke points at the TV, and begins to act out playing a video game (simulates laser guns firing, starships flying, aliens attacking, and finally, a gigantic explosion, which he does with great animation); He points at the TV again, but Jesus is still; Luke takes the arm closest to him and pulls it so it extends outward and bends slightly at the elbow; He then reaches over tries to do the same with the next arm, but when he jerks it back, it swings around and the arm hits him; Luke is indignant at this as he position Jesus just right; He then forces a controller into his hands as Jesus looks forward; Luke begins to play very adamantly, but Jesus is still; Suddenly, something surprises Luke, so he points at the TV; He sees Jesus isn’t thrilled, so he pulls Jesus’ open gently; Jesus now looks forward with his mouth open in ‘awe’; Luke seems pleased and pats Jesus on the back, which causes his controller to fall out of His hands; Luke becomes angry and pushes Jesus off the stool and to the ground; He takes his controllers and exits stage left


Jesus does the same as before, standing up slowly and placing the stool back in place; He then returns to His position


*The actors make some sounds here, such as some crying and the song


Enter Kirsten as she looks at Jesus with hesitation; She slowly picks up the bowl with the wet rag in it and walks to Him; Slowly, she falls to her knees next to His feet and begins to cry as she washes his feet


Kirsten: (softly) Holy… Holy are you, O Lord…


Jesus glances down at her with sympathy; He also goes down to His knees and puts a hand on her shoulder; She cannot look up at His eyes


Kirsten:    (softly)                     Jesus, be the centre

                                                Be my source, be my light



Jesus takes her hands and stands her up gently; She looks into His loving eyes as He slightly nods and smiles; She continues to cry softly, but also bears a smile; Jesus steps back center stage and extends His arms out as He looks out at the audience; Kirsten steps back and begins to softly sing


Kirsten:                    Jesus, be the centre

                                Be my hope, be my song



Enter Julie; She stands by Jesus and looks on Him with sadness


Kirsten:                    Be the fire in my heart

                                Be the wind in these sails

                                Be the reason that I live

                                Jesus, Jesus


Julie slowly reaches out and wipes the lipstick away; She begins to back to the left of Kirsten, behind Jesus’ left; She stands in the same position


Kirsten:                    Jesus, be my vision

                                Be my path, be my guide



Julie closes her eyes and begins to join Kirsten; They sing the same verse together as Luke enters


Kirsten and Julie:      Be the fire in my heart

                                Be the wind in these sails

                                Be the reason that I live

                                Jesus, Jesus


He slowly places the controllers at Jesus’ feet and backs away as the verse is sung; He stands between Kirsten and Julie as he also extends his arms out; He joins them on “Jesus..”; They begin the verse once more as Jesus lowers his arms and slowly walks stage right


Kirsten, Julie, and Luke:            Jesus, be the centre

                                                Be my source, be my light



                                                Be my source, be my light



The three follow Him as they sing out their praise


Kirsten, Julie, and Luke:            Be the fire in my heart

                                                Be the wind in these sails

                                                Be the reason that I live

                                                Jesus, Jesus

Lights dim

The End