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The Human Condition

Stage Right                                 Stage Center                             Stage Left




by Rex Hughes


Ÿ         Psalm 51:9-11

Ÿ         A Skit about the Need for Mankind’s Redemption

Ÿ         Done to the song “Love is a Movement” by Switchfoot  (5:10)


Actors:                                                                   Costume:                                               Time on Stage:


Ÿ         The Redeemed                                              Casual; Blindfold                                 5:10

Ÿ         Lost Soul                                                       Casual; Blindfold                                 5:10

Ÿ         Jesus                                                              Casual; Khaki Hat                                3:58

Ÿ         Satan                                                              Casual; Black Hat and/or Glasses     4:55




Ÿ         3 Blindfolds

Ÿ         Black Hat and/or Sunglasses

Ÿ         Khaki Hat


              Music Introduction                                                    (0:30)


                Lights On

                Three figures lie on the stage. The Redeemed lies center and the Lost Soul stage right. The          Redeemed lies on her side with her arms under her head, asleep. The Lost Soul sits on his    knees, looking ahead motionless. The Lost Soul has a blindfold on. Satan enters from stage   right as the Redeemed begins to slowly wake up, yawning and stretching. He walks to the            Redeemed. He bends down and produces a black blindfold as the bass notes begin and before                  she has opened her eyes. He proceeds to tie it on her head.



              A day in L.A.

                And millions of faces

                Looking for movement                                                           (0:11)


                As this line begins, the Redeemed looks around slowly and sits up with the blindfold on. Satan stands back and looks down on her with a smirk. The Redeemed looks about her, trying to see                   the world that is new to her. Satan chuckles, and she turns her attention to where he stands.


              ‘Cause everything’s stuck

                And everything’s frozen

                And everyone’s broken                                                           (0:11)


                She gets up slightly and walks his way, but he steps to the opposite side, leaving her to wander                 away. He watches her go to Lost Soul 1, who remains motionless. She feels her way around.


              And nobody moves

                And everyone’s scared

                That the motion will never come                                            (0:10)


                The Redeemed finds the Lost Soul , but as soon as she places a hand on his shoulder, the           Lost Soul knocks her hand away without looking away from the audience. She backs away in                      shock to center stage.



              This is the incompletion

                Stuck in a line                                                                         (0:10)


        She turns to center stage and walks to the middle, Satan walking to her side as she holds her       head in agony. She shakes her head as she silently cries out for help and drops to the floor,                     holding her hands over her head.


              Love is the movement

                Love is the revolution

                This is redemption

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:24)


                Enter Jesus from stage left. He walks in and pushes Satan away. Satan gives him a hateful            look as Jesus proceeds to take the Redeemed person’s hands and help her to her feet. She stands before Jesus as He tells her how much He loves her and explains what He wants to do.                     She nods in agreement and He walks to her back and prepares to untie the blindfold.



              The stars are alive

                They dance to the music

                Of the deepest emotion                                                           (0:18)


                Jesus removes the blindfold. She opens her eyes and looks around herself in wonder. Satan        stands stage right and looks on in disgust. He turns and walks to the Lost Soul and places a                      firm hand on his shoulder and whispers fiercely into his ear. He walks to their right side.                      Meanwhile, Jesus embraces the Redeemed. As they pull back, Jesus proceeds to point out the         Lost Soul.


              And all of the world

                Is singing in time

                As the heavens are caving in                                                  (0:10)


                Jesus motions in a way to indicate that he wants the Redeemed to try and bring the Lost Soul     back. The Redeemed agrees to and proceeds to move towards the Lost Soul. Satan crouches by              the Lost Soul’s right side and glares at the Redeemed. The Redeemed hesitates.


              Mysterious ways

                Why God gave His life

                To put motion inside my soul                                                  (0:10)


                The Redeemed looks back to Jesus, who encourages her. She moves to the Lost Soul and            explains to them about Jesus. They do not budge as she tries to find some way to explain to                   them. She bends down to them and begins to explain.


              It’s bigger than cold religion

                It’s bigger than life                                                                 (0:10)


                As she explains with heartfelt emotion, she places a hand on their shoulder. Satan takes his         hands and acts as if he is forcing the Lost Soul up.


              Love is the movement

                Love is the revolution

                This is redemption

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:22)


                The Lost Soul leaps to his feet and pushes the Redeemed away. He pretends to shout at her in   anger as Satan stands behind him with an evil grin. They move center stage as the Redeemed                 attempts to explain, but is forced to the floor with the Lost Soul standing over her, prepared to          strike. Jesus forcefully stands between the Lost Soul and the Redeemed. The Lost Soul      suddenly calms, and Satan takes him by the shoulder and walks him backs to his spot with       total submission.


              We’re starting now (x3)

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:21)


                Jesus bends down to the Redeemed and tries to comfort her, encouraging her to never give up. She buries her face though and shakes her head, covering her ears. Satan walks to the center                    stage and grabs her blindfold from the stage. He smirks as he walks around them. Jesus looks                   at him with anger as he turns back to the Redeemed, attempting to convince her.


           Music Interlude                                                                       (0:30)


                Satan bends down to place the blindfold on the girl, but as he bends down, she begins to            uncover her ears slightly, hands trembling. Satan looks at this with shock. He bends down and                   attempts to place the blindfold on her, but she moves her head away from him and towards    Jesus, still closing her eyes. On the bass notes, Jesus places a hand on her shoulder and tells                her how much He loves her. She looks up to Him and opens her eyes.


              This is a revolution (x2)                                                          (0:08)


                On the first, she takes Jesus’ hands and stands, facing Him. Satan moves towards her. On the     second, she forcefully knocks away the blindfold as she turns to Satan. Satan stumbles back as             she sets her sights on the Lost Soul.


              Love is the movement

                Love is the revolution

                This is redemption

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:20)


                On the first, the Redeemed begins to walk towards the Lost Soul. Satan leaps up from the floor    behind her and attempts to grab her. Jesus, however, stands in front of Satan and holds him back as Satan tries for all He’s worth to stop her. The Redeemed bends down next to the Lost               Soul and prepares herself. She begins to speak to the Lost Soul as Satan is forced center stage.             As he stands away from Jesus, he shoots his hand forward, causing the Lost Soul to cover their    ears.


              Love is the movement

                Love is the revolution

                This is redemption

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:20)


                Jesus turns as the Redeemed knows they cannot get through. He puts a hand forward and the    Lost Soul slowly removes their hands as they sit up slowly, looking ahead. Satan is astonished                and shoots his hand forward several times, but the Lost Soul only snaps out of their stillness                 and looks around. They look in the direction of the Redeemed as she explains what needs to be                      done. The Lost Soul takes her hand. Meanwhile, Satan shouts in anger, but Jesus glares at          him. Satan backs away with contempt to stage left.


              Love is the movement

                Love is the revolution

                This is redemption

                We don’t have to slow back down                                          (0:20)


                     The Lost Soul stands slowly with the help of the Redeemed. The Redeemed walks him to              center stage where Jesus stands. Jesus faces the Lost Soul, who stares blankly. Jesus explains      to him what redemption is, and the Lost Soul nods. Jesus proceeds to untie the blindfold, and                  as his eyes are unveiled, he sees the Redeemed standing before him in joy. He smiles at this                      wonder before him and he embraces the Redeemed in joy. Jesus smiles as well and embraces       them both. They stand center stage as Satan shakes his head.


     Love is the Movement…

                Get up, Get up

                Love is Moving you now

                (Conclusion)                                                                           (0:25)


                Satan moves to center stage and points to the audience in anger. He points back to himself,         claiming that we are still his. He looks behind himself in hatred and turns back to the               audience slowly. He stands in front of the three as he walks towards the audience at the front      of the stage and pulls another blindfold from his pocket. He unravels it and holds it up,            looking at us. He holds it in both hands and shoots it upward at us as we have a:

                Black Out Immediately


The End