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Romeo and Juliet (and Jesus)

Stage Right                                 Stage Center                             Stage Left

“Romeo and Juliet “

(and Jesus)

by Rex Hughes


Never being Separated from God’s Love

Romans 8:39







         Father Capulet





         6      Hats (Jesus- Khaki)

         2      Plastic Swords

         2      Small Bottles




Juliet stands stage right; Romeo stands stage left; Jesus stands beside him


Juliet: (very dramatic) O Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy Father and refuse thy name, and if thou whilst not, I will be a Capulet no more.


Enter Romeo stage left; He stands before Juliet and faces her


Romeo: Juliet, my dearest love, if only our households were not feuding, could I confess my love to thee. If only the Montague’s and the Capulet’s did not quarrel!


Jesus comes up beside them and starts to speak; As he does, he moves behind them and stands between; Romeo and Juliet pay no attention to him as he speaks


Jesus: Hey, Romeo! Juliet! It’s me, Jesus. Could thoust give me a moment? Listen, I know your parents dislike one another, and it would probably take a miraculous event to have them get along, but believe me, you can’t keep your love bottled up. *If you were to date in secret, you may think you can hide it, but what about when you get married? And then when you have kids, you’ll definitely have to tell them, and believe me, it would probably be a shocker if you suddenly said, “Dad, you’re a Grandpa.” I don’t think you want that. You have to tell them about this soon.


Jesus waits for them to accept it


Romeo: O Juliet, we must never tell our families of our love. It must be kept a secret for eternity!


Jesus: (surprised)         Hey, Romeo, that’s like the exact opposite of what I told you! *And about the eternity thing, it sounds nice, but with secrets, believe me, it’s impossible. Is anyone listening?     (waves hand in front of faces)     Hello? ..Hello?


Romeo turns towards the center of the stage; Jesus follows


Jesus:   (trying to explain it)    Romeo, you have to seek out help for this! If this isn’t resolved, the situation will only get worse!


Tybalt enters stage left; Holds out sword


Tybalt: (threatening)    What say you foul Montague? Draw your sword, for it is known now that you love my cousin, Juliet!


Jesus: ..annnd here’s how it could get worse. Romeo, listen, you love Juliet, but fighting this man will not ensure her heart. There will be consequences, so you have to turn around and walk away.


Romeo starts to turn, but suddenly raises his sword


Romeo: My love for Juliet is more than life! En guard!


Jesus: No, Romeo!


Romeo and Tybalt do a cheesy duel


Jesus: (while fighting) Romeo, you must not take a life for love!


Romeo slays Tybalt; Tybalt seems surprised


Tybalt: Ouch!   (falls to knees holding wound)            ..This puts a damper on things..


Falls over on ground, still; Romeo drops his sword and hears someone entering; He runs and hides off to the side as Father Capulet enters stage left and finds Tybalt; Falls to knees


Father Capulet: What!?            

            Oh, this is a dark day for the Capulet clan

            At the hands of a villain we’ve lost a great man                  (stands; looks at audience)

            Send word! Send my soldiers into the town

            For surely tonight foul Romeo is GOING DOWN!


Jesus:   (sighs)              Romeo, you have to face the facts. You can‘t run.. Romeo!


Romeo runs to Juliet as Jesus is speaking


Romeo: Dearest Juliet, I must flee, for they will capture me if I do not!


Juliet: Farewell my love!


Romeo runs to the door; exits


Jesus: Alright, If speaking poetically is the only way I’m getting through, so be it. (composes)    Juliet, your relationship with Romeo is going the wrong way

                        Please, oh please listen to what I have to say!


Juliet: Friar! Oh Friar!


Friar enters stage right next to Juliet


Juliet: Do you have anything to aid me in escaping my home, to be with my fair Romeo?


Friar:    That I do, in this bottle I keep 

            A liquid that will put you to a deep sleep 

            Once your family thinks you dead and gone

            You can run away with Romeo, and so on, and so on..  (gives her vial)


Jesus: (sarcastically)    Now there‘s good priestly advice!


Friar exits; Juliet holds the bottle up to eye level


Jesus: Juliet.. you can’t do this.


Juliet:    (reading)         Take two teaspoons of this liquid today/ Side effects include headache, nausea, runny nose, and more than we can say.


Juliet shrugs and drinks the vial; She walks to the center stage and as she almost goes on with her day, she passes out suddenly on stage; Romeo enters stage left to the center to find Juliet; He falls by her side


Romeo: Oh Juliet, oh lamentable day! My Juliet is gone!


Jesus: Romeo, wait! I know you don‘t know she will awaken soon, but even so, I still have plans for you!


Romeo: (pulls out poison)        Here be the poison with which I will join my Juliet!


Jesus: Does anybody hear me? *Don’t take your life in grief!


Romeo: Here’s to my love!       (raises glass)


Jesus: What about my love?


Romeo drinks and lays down beside Juliet


Romeo: (barely breathing) True apocrophe. Thy drugs are quick..


He is still, but after a moment, his head shoots up


Romeo: I die!


Lies head down again; Juliet awakes and sees Romeo


Juliet: Oh Romeo! How you have taken your life with such poison! How can I go on?


Jesus: You can still go on Juliet! I still love you! Isn’t that enough?


Juliet: (holds up poison)           I am coming, my love!


Juliet drinks poison and falls


Jesus: Juliet! No!


Jesus runs up behind Juliet and catches her before she falls to ground; lowers his head; Narrator enters center, in front of Romeo and Juliet


Narrator:          A glooming peace this morning with it brings 

                        The sun for sorrow will not be rising 

                        For never was there a story of more woe 

                        Than this of Juliet, and her Romeo


Narrator bows, and then exits stage right; Jesus looks down, but slowly raises his head


Jesus: There didn’t have to be a sad ending. If only they had listened.


Jesus stands and faces the audience


Jesus: I tried to tell them that there was another way. Another way other than running in fear from something that they thought would destroy their love. Yet that isn’t what true love would do. *True love doesn’t run in the face of fear or doubt, but faces them with courage and heart. *True love never fails. It never dies. My love for you is a true love.  




Jesus: I know.. that may sound superficial. You may not feel like my love is real. I know what you feel, because I was there. I faced all the doubts you are facing right now. I know what it is like to be in the dark and feel so unloved. *And if there is one way I can prove to you that my love is real, it’s this: I’m still here. I am still willing to make all sacrifices for you, because that’s what true love is. *True love isn’t about receiving. It’s about giving.


Jesus looks back sadly at Romeo and Juliet, then to the audience


Jesus: So many people go their whole lives without knowing that. They run so hard, search so long for a love to call their own, when it was reaching out for their hand all along. *Remember.. if you ever feel unloved because this one person is not there for you, or for any other reason, I am. I’m always there to comfort you, and it’s not just a feeling. It’s a truth. Please remember that.. *And perhaps, your life will not end in a tragedy like so / As this of Juliet.. and her Romeo.


Jesus turns back to Romeo and Juliet


Lights Off


The End