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Who's Your Master

Stage Right                                 Stage Center                             Stage Left


Who’s your Master?


A Skit on unwittingly letting Satan control your life

Performed originally by Brock Gill; Revised by Rex Hughes


Ÿ         Entire Skit done in a fluid motion; No speech


Done to song

“Nothing Else Matters” (6:28)

by Metallica



                Character                                             Costume                                                               

Ÿ         Puppet Master/ Satan                 (Cloak; Sunglasses; Outfit)     

Ÿ         Puppet / Girl                                 (Casual Clothes)                                                               

Ÿ         Mother                                           (Casual or Formal Clothes)                               

Ÿ         Boyfriend                                      (Casual Clothes)                                                                




Ÿ         Cordless Phone

Ÿ         Cell Phone

Ÿ         Pillow

Ÿ         Container

Ÿ         Random Cosmetics

Ÿ         Comb

Ÿ         Earphones/CD Player

Ÿ         Blanket

Ÿ         Puppet Crosses

Ÿ         Paper, Pen, and Tape

Ÿ         Bible

Ÿ         Magazines

Ÿ         Pew (Sofa) *

Ÿ         Mirror *

Ÿ         Table *

Ÿ         Chair *


* Furniture


       Intro : Low Instrumentals (0:30)


Ÿ         Dark Room…Lights turn on to reveal a man in a cloak… the man slowly pulls back and lowers the cloak to reveal a girl who is still and lifeless…The Puppet Master throws his cloak back as he prepares to begin…He slowly circles the girl from the side….On one round, he slyly snaps his fingers in her face, yet she is unaware of his presence….Puppet Master stands close behind


       Intro : Steadily Higher Instrumentals(0:30)


Ÿ         Puppet Master pulls out two puppet crosses and steps up to the girl….Puts one cross over the girl’s hand and raises it slowly…Lowers cross and her hand….Places it on other hand and raises it as well…Raises this hand out to the audience and bends it at the elbow…Slowly brings arm down in a slow but fluid motion….Places crosses above head and jerks head upward…Puppet faces audience….Eyes are open but still lifeless….He lowers her head, and brings the crosses above her shoulders…Prepares to awaken her


       So close, no matter how far

            Couldn’t be much more from the heart…

            Forever trust in who we are

            And Nothing else matters… (0:22)


Ÿ         Puppet Master pulls on crosses and awakens the girl…She stands…She raises her hands to her face and acts as if life is breathed into her…Looks around only slightly, then begins to move about as in the real world

       [Puppet Master stands behind Puppet entire skit until end, always behind her as to not make her     

       aware of him]

       The Girl moves to the mirror and begins to brush her hair, as if preparing for the day…Is ready for

       the day


         Never opened myself this way

            Life is ours, we live it our way…

            All these words I don’t just say

            And nothing else matters… (0:23)


Ÿ         Pulls cell phone out of pocket and begins talking…Enjoys conversation and walks stage right…Begins picking through the magazines and finds a Bible in the stack…She stops talking but still holds phone up to ear…Satan jerks her head up and she becomes involved in the conversation again, throws Bible aside with sarcastic look as she speaks…Picks out magazine and sits down on step and begins to read…Brushes back hair…Boyfriend enters


         Trust I seek and I find in you

            Everyday for us something new..

            Open mind for a different view

            And nothing else matters… (0:25)


Ÿ         Boyfriend and Girl begin talking…Both laugh slightly…She begins to tell him something and he becomes alarmed…She realizes her mistake and acts as if trying to explain what she is saying…He is obviously angry and gets up…She reaches out for him, but he turns around swiftly and acts as if shouting and holds out his hand in defiance…Girl pleads, but he exits…On stronger beats before chorus, she lowers her head in defeat swiftly…Begins to cry


         Never cared for what they do…

            Never cared for what they know…

            But I know…  (0:16)


Ÿ         Girl puts magazine down and heads for the sofa…She lies face down and holds her pillow close…She weeps and hit’s the pillow…Slows down and calms before she gets up


       So close, no matter how far

            Couldn’t be much more from the heart..

            Forever trust in who we are

            And nothing else matters…  (0:22)


Ÿ         Girl slides her hand out form under her pillow as she slowly gets up with a mellow look…She sits on the sofa and runs her hands through her hair sleepily…She twists her head around as if trying to wake herself up, but it is just the Puppet Master exerting his power over her…She looks to the side and slowly gets up and heads over to the chair…She sits down and picks up her CD player from the side…On the louder beats, she puts on her headphones defiantly as the Mother enters


       Never care for what they do…

            Never care for what they know…

            And I know… (0:18)


Ÿ         Mother  comes up to girl and tries to explain something to her…The girl pays her no heed; holds magazine to face…Mother notices this and comes closer…Places hand on girl’s shoulder and pleads with her to understand…Girl does not look at her and angrily knocks her hand away…Mother is devastated and exits with head in hands


       Music Interval (0:40)


Ÿ         Girl puts magazine down slowly and takes off headphones…She holds her head in exhaustion and slowly walks to center stage…She stops by the sofa for only a moment to think…She continues on, but stops unexpectedly as she comes to the bible on the floor…She looks down slowly and bends down to dust the bible off…The Puppet Master is displeased by this…She slowly opens up the bible and begins to read it…The Puppet Master attempts to pull her up, but she will not budge…She holds her head again and stops reading…She begins to shake her head in anger…The Puppet Master pulls fiercely on the strings and she slams the bible shut…She tosses it aside in anger and gets up swiftly…She moves to her mirror with a lowered head


       Never opened myself this way

            Life is ours, we live it our way…

            All these words I don’t just say

            And nothing else matters… (0:21)


Ÿ         Girl lifts her head up quickly and looks at herself in the mirror…Looks to the side of her mirror and sees a pad of paper and a pen…She only hesitantly reaches for it, but Satan makes sure she does…She grabs the paper and begins to write fiercely…She rips out the paper angrily and pulls open her drawer and grabs the tape…She takes the written note and slaps it on the mirror…She now looks frantically through the drawers


       Trust I seek and I find in you

            Everyday for us something new…

            Open mind for a different view

            And nothing else matters… (0:22)


Ÿ         She stops suddenly and slowly grabs out a pill container…She silently reads it to herself and prepares herself for it…She reaches for the cap, but hesitates…The Puppet Master continually urges her to do so…She finally reaches for the cap and angrily pops it off…She dumps a couple pills into her hand and tosses the bottle aside, spilling pills…She steadies herself and throws back the pills as “nothing else matters” is sung


         Never care for what they say…

            Never care for games they play…

            I never care for what they do…

            I never care for what they know…

            And I know…  (0:28)


Ÿ         Girl looks at herself in the mirror as she slowly loses it…Loses her balance and falls aside, knocking off the stuff on the table as she goes…She now lies on the floor, trying to get herself up…She heaves desperately as she tries to crawl forward, but the Puppet Master continually lowers the strings and she is lowered to the ground…She attempts to call out for help as she holds her stomach, but he continually lowers her to the ground…She attempts to crawl near the sofa with much trouble


       Heavy Metal Music (0:27)


Ÿ         Girl’s Mother enters and finds her…She crouches down in fear and tries to ask her what’s wrong…She becomes more and more worried as the girl becomes more and more sick…She races to the side and picks up the phone and dials…The girl makes it to reaching point of the sofa…The Mother speaks desperately on the phone, trying to get help…The girl gets on her feet and slowly lowers herself to sit on the sofa


       So close, no matter how far

            Couldn’t be much more from the heart…

            Forever trust in who we are

            And nothing else matters… (0:19)


Ÿ         Girl sits sideways on the sofa…the Puppet Master lowers the strings and she lowers herself to lie down on the sofa…She hugs her pillow slightly as she turns to face upward…She pulls the blanket to herself as she becomes fainter…The mother sees this and moves to the side of the sofa and falls to her knees and grief…The Puppet Master continually lowers the crosses nearer and nearer to the sofa…The mother reaches out and touches her forehead…The girl’s hand slowly falls to the side of the sofa as “nothing else matters plays”…The Puppet Master lets go of the crosses as they touch the sofa


       End Instrumentals (0:35)


Ÿ         The Puppet Master moves to the front of the sofa and bends down on one knee…Looks at girl and shakes his head…Pulls blanket over her face…The mother is silent and unmoving…The Puppet Master pulls his cloak up and stands, looking at the two…Moves to stage left and stops slowly…Looks up at audience and slowly turns head to observe them…Smirks slyly as he turns his head downcast and steps off the stage…Lights turn off


The End