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The Passion of the Christ (2004)


 The Passion of the
Directed by: Mel Gibson
Screenwriter: Mel Gibson and Benedict Fitzgerald
Starring: Jim Caveizal, Maia Morgenstern, Monica Bellucci



"The Greatest Sacrifice
Ever Shown"


"The greatest love is the one that would lay down his life for his friends..."
These words haunt the entire picture of "The Passion". Set in the first century AD, the story recounts the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ's earthly life, and finally gives way to the events to come. With powerful images and a realistic vision, Mel Gibson captivates his audience and Jim Caviezal delivers an inspired performance as the Messiah.
In teh garden of Gethsamene, Jesus knows that His final hour has come. He prays fervently for the strength to face the road ahead, as Satan taunts Him. Knowing that what is God's Will must come to pass, He accepts His destiny. A friend betrays him, anotehr disowns him, and as His mother and close friends look on in grief, he is put on trial and ultimately sentenced to death for defying a corrupt leadership. After leaving the Romans with a lasting impression, Jesus braves the streets of Jerusalem, carrying the Cross He is to give His life on, ultimately defeating the powers of death once and for all.
A powerful story of friendship, love, and courage, "The Passion" displays a side of Christ we rarely see in the movies: His persevrance for us. When we see what our Savior had to go through for us, it makes us think. Are we following Christ as we should be? Look at all He has done for us!

  • "The Passion" potrays Jesus' sacrifice in a very personal way, not only pertaining to our own salvation, but it is truly presented as dying for his friends and those He loves, which is everyone. The theme of sacrifice is so deeply explored, that it goes beyond moving. Near the end, when Jesus is being nailed to the cross, we visit the Last Supper, which parralels His teaching on sacrifice, love, and belief.
  • The powerful love between a mother and her son is constantly shown to us, and we see the importance of family shining through in each scene, whether they are biological or not.
  • The struggles the characters go through are very real, and many of them hold such strong moral convictions, that when they do wrong, we can see in their eyes that they know it. Doing the right thing is strongly emphasized in this film, and the villians are loved by their enemies despite what they have done.


  • The violence in this movie is nonstop and sometimes hard to bear. Definitely a film for those ages 15 or 16 and up.
  • The emotion in this film is traumatic at times, and grieves your heart many times. While the scenes are powerful and should be seen, any one who cannot stand such painful moments should be cautioned against this film.


A powerful representation of Christ's final hours and a challenge for us to live our lives as He has called us to as followers of Him, the Passion is a phenomenal film. The violence and gore are the only things objectional, and may cause many to veer away from seeing it. Gibson, though, has made a film triumph which should be experienced by many who can bear it.

*For those of you interested in religious art of the renessaince, you may notice a few images being played out on the screen as coming from the works of Da Vinci, Michealangelo, and many others.


"The Passion" has been the most widely controversial film of this year, yet the DVD contain only the film and a language selection. Unless Gibson is thinking about releasing a Director's Cut, this film did not recieve the justified DVD format it deserved.